Request a Sponsorship from Southern Heating & Cooling Inc.

Community sponsorships are just one small way that Southern Heating and Cooling, Inc. in Scottsboro, AL can give back to the good people in our area. The folks in Scottsboro and the surrounding region have always supported us, so it only makes sense that we support them in any way we’re able. Southern Heating and Cooling, Inc. is proud to offer these partnerships to those in our community with an important cause, event, or organization that would benefit from them.


  • Fill out all required areas in the form below. Any supplemental information you are able to provide will also be helpful.
  • The form must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of your event.
  • If you have any written proposals or supporting documents, please attach them at the bottom.
  • If you would like a sponsorship for more than one event or organization, please submit separate applications for them.

Once submitted, a representative of Southern Heating and Cooling, Inc. will review it.

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